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Address Marker errors on SSD

I asked Roman this morning about resolving Address Marker errors on SSDs as I have found them impossible to recover. Here is why according to ACE.

Marker errors appears during the following troubles:

1. Original translator tables become damaged due to the charge leakage from NAND cells;

2. Translator tables were recorded with errors due to the RAM issue when the drive was alive;

3. There is a bit error on the block that should be in a chain of translation.

And the problem is that rereading will not help. We can see this “holes” in data, but we can not effectively fix it. Translator rebuilding and heating will not be a cure in this case. In other words – Marker Error – is an initially wrong record of data.

UPDATE: You also cannot solve Address Marker Errors by heating the SSD during translator building as the damage has already been done. It will of course help if there are bit errors, but not address marker errors.

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