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PCB Instability

I had an issue with 2 of my 3 PC-3000 Expresses (perhaps not coincidentally, they both have SNs below 00557) reading WD SMR drives with soldered SATA interfaces.
On the good one (SN 002290), these drives get ready, ID, and read without issues (and quickly). On the other two, usually they would not get ready at all. If they did, then they usually wouldn’t get ID. If they did, they wouldn’t get LBA.
I asked Ace about this about a year ago, they couldn’t come up with any working solutions. I asked again a couple days ago, and they did!
Perhaps you guys already know this, but I did not: if you right-click the status LEDs, you can select the SATA mode. The FIX for this was selecting “SATA I” instead of the default “Auto.” I suspect there is some design change on the older PCI cards causing this issue.
If you have any problem with WD SMR drives after soldering SATA interfaces (or using “spoon PCBs”), I’d highly recommend trying this fix.

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